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U.S. Law Group is a professional law firm specializing in Immigration and provides a wide range of support and services overseeing all procedures associated with the Immigration process. Our Immigration services are based on extensive experience in this specific field. We also have four service centers that concentrate on particular attributes and differences, which allow our law firm to cater to each client according to their individual situations and qualifications. We assist our clients through each step leading up to the interview, from completion of the paperwork to submission of the application, and we strive to obtain the best result each and every time.

Many Korean Immigrants are eligible for NIW (National Interest Waiver) since a majority of Koreans come from an impressive background with excellent educational and work skills, yet due to a lack of knowledge of the NIW program, the acquisition of a Permanent Resident Green Card through this program in the United States is significantly lower compared to India, China, and other surrounding Asian nations. It is our mission at U.S. Law Group to inform eligible Koreans of the NIW program and assist them in acquiring a Permanent Resident Green Card more efficiently.

Since March of 2005, the system to obtain Labor Certifications has become increasingly difficult and requires considerable expertise, but in spite of this fact; U.S. Law Group has been able to obtain Labor Certifications with PERM throughout the continental U.S. promptly and without delay.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide quality service and 100% Client Satisfaction, clients who have current cases pending with U.S. Law Group are welcome to log onto our website to check their case status and search for updates provided by the USCIS offices.

Here at U.S. Law Group, we are confident that you will be provided with the best service imaginable. We hope that by visiting our website, you are able to attain valuable information that will assist you with your case and in return will award you with superior results. We are dedicated to providing you with 100% Client Satisfaction and will continue to work diligently on all our cases.


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