Our Services


Our Services

“At U.S. Law Group, we consider all of our clients’ cases as if they were our own. Furthermore, our clients’ satisfaction is our commitment and reward. “

U.S. Law Group attorneys carefully review every case. Next, they request for the client to review and confirm any changes that might need to be made. This thorough review process and diligent attention to detail ensures the highest level of accuracy for each case.

U.S. Law Group utilizes and invests in the most advanced technology to minimize technical problems in order to ensure accessibility. On our website, our clients can log in and review the progress of their own cases at any time. However, in some particular cases, the accessibility is limited due to confidentiality reasons.

We believe that lawyer and client communication is one of the most important aspects to achieving a successful result. When our clients have questions about their cases, they can always contact us at our office without incurring any extra legal fees.

Also, our firm does not charge additional attorney fees to clients when the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service requests supporting documents for a case.

At U.S. Law Group, we write recommendation letters which are directly provided by the referees of our clients in EB-1 and NIW cases. We work in conjunction with clients’ referees in order to ensure that the best letter is written on behalf of our clients. Preparing and writing recommendation letters is the most time consuming part of EB-1 and NIW cases, and U.S. Law Group takes this  responsibility, saving the client and the clients’ referees a great deal of time and effort.

U.S. Law Group handles each case very carefully, and we will continue to do our best to obtain the bestresults for our clients.


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