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    USCIS Changes Payment Methods at Domestic Offices 

    Starting October 1, 2010, the domestic offices as well as American territories will not accept cash. They will, however, accept check, credit card, and money order. 

    H-1B Cap Count

    Up to July 23, 2010, about 26,000 H-1B (cap-subject) petitions have been receipted. Also, about 11,300 H-1B petitions (aliens with advanced degrees) have been receipted. 

    2010 H-2B Cap Count

    Up to July 23, 2010, 30,640 petitions for H-2B (counting those approved as well as pending) were receipted. This counts toward the target of 47,000 beneficiaries target (number that reaches the cap and passes the actual cap) for the second half of this fiscal year. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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