Practice Alert: H-1B Cap Case Deliveries to VSC and CSC

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    AILA Doc No. 15040207 | Dated April 2, 2015
    This morning, AILA received reports from members who were unable to confirm delivery of H-1B cap petitions shipped via FedEx on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday to the VSC or CSC. Upon contacting FedEx, some were advised that the CSC and VSC had reached capacity and were thus turning delivery trucks away.

    AILA contacted USCIS Headquarters and the individual service centers about this issue and were advised by all parties that neither the CSC nor the VSC have turned any delivery trucks away and deliveries have not been negatively impacted. Due to space limitations at the delivery loading docks, incoming trucks may be staggered for delivery but they are not being turned away. At the VSC, trucks are lining up at a nearby gas station and are being called in one by one. The VSC is working closely with local FedEx to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

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